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EORI Registration in Greece

EORI Registration in Greece

The EORI number refers to the Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, which is a part of a system that is applied at the level of the European Union (EU). The EORI number is necessary for entities that trade goods across the EU member states and it is designed for customs operations

If you will trade goods in Greece, then you will need an EORI number in Greece; please be aware that the obligation to have an EORI number is not only imposed to commercial companies, it can also be required in the case of certain categories of individuals introducing goods on the Greek market. In this article, our team of Greek lawyerswill present some of the most important matters concerning the EORI number

How can one obtain the EORI in Greece in 2023?

As an entity dealing with the import-export of goods, if you are interested in importing goods on the Greek market, you will need an EORI in Greece. The procedure will be handled by the Greek Customs Authority. The number is necessary for all entities which are issued with a VAT number and it will be issued based on application form provided by the said institution. 

All interested entities will have to provide information on all the elements of the application (the form is written in Greek and English, so, as a general rule, it should be easily completed, but in the case in which applicants have difficulty in dealing with this document, our team of lawyers in Greece can help). In the list below, you can find out information that is required when preparing the application for EORI registration in Greece

  • the name of the person filling the form, the residential address of the person or of the company;
  • the date of birth of the applicant or the incorporation date of the company;
  • the legal status of the applicant – natural person, legal entity, association of companies, etc.;
  • information of the contact person – name, address, e-mail, phone number;
  • the VAT number and the code associated with the business operations of the applicant. 

This type of form can be found in all European countries, and the procedure to register will be the same. However, it is necessary to know that each country can impose specific rules, within the limits of the European EORI framework, which means that certain procedures that may apply in a country will not be imposed by the customs of other EU states. 

This is also the case of Greece, which has certain particularities, along with other few EU member states. Regarding the EORI in Greece, there are certain differences with regards to the mandatory registration of simple consumers, who are individuals purchasing goods from elsewhere or who import various goodsOur Greek law firm can offer more details regarding the following: 

  • from all the 27 EU member states, 4 require consumers to apply for an EORI number – this is the case of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece and Lithuania;
  • the EORI number in Greece in this case is necessary provided that the value of the shipment is above EUR 1,000;
  • if the shipment is below EUR 1,000, the consumer will not the EORI in Greece, but has to provide a tax ID for custom clearance;
  • the EORI system has been introduced in 2009 and it is applied to both EU businesses and businesses outside the EU, but the obligation to have an EORI number will vary based on the activities developed by the economic operator;
  • please mind that the United Kingdom (UK), which used to be a part of the EU, still applies the EORI system, even though the UK finished its exit formalities at the end of 2020.

What are the formalities for applying for EORI in Greece in 2023?

The formalities for an EORI number in Greece are similar for both Greek tax residents as well as for non-EU economic operators. Greek tax residents must apply for an EORI number in Greece, while other EU economic operators will apply for it with the customs authorities of the countries where they are tax residents. 

In Greece, after the application form is completed, the applicant must present along with the form specific supporting documents. All these will then be analyzed by the representatives of the Greek Customs and if the data is correct, the entity will be assigned with an EORI number in Greece

For non-EU entities, the same procedure will apply; please mind that the EORI number is issued only for entities that fall under the definition of an economic operator. You can find out more details regarding this mater from our Greek law firm. If you need legal assistance for the EORI registration in Greeceour team of Greek lawyerscan always help you and can inform you about other customs obligations that can apply to your business.  

If you need assistance in other legal matters, such as if you are interested in the procedure applicable to foreigners who want to buy land in Greece, you can also refer to our Greek lawyers

Our team can present the formalities you have to comply with based on your nationality (while EU citizens benefit from simple rules, available for Greek nationals, third party nationals must complete immigration requirements).  

If you are interested in knowing if you need an EORI number in Greece in 2023, you must know that the Independent Authority for Public Revenue of Greece stipulates that you have to verify the main requirements with the Customs Authorities of Greece

This is necessary if you are an economic operator established in Greece (all Greek economic operators have to obtain their EORI number in 2023 from the Greek Customs). It can also be required to apply for an EORI number in Greece in 2023 as a third party business. 

In this case, you have to do so if Greece is the first point of entry in the EU. The obligation to apply for an EORI in 2023 for non-EU entities is done if the entity performs customs operations as per the Article 5 of the Reg 2446/2015.