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Legal Services in Greece

Legal Services in Greece

Our lawyers in Greece can offer a wide range of legal services to both corporate and individual clients. Our set of services are designed for all categories of clients and we can also represent foreigners. From matters related to immigration, marriage and divorce, to setting up a business, obtaining business permits, assisting in mergers and acquisitions or setting up joint ventures, our attorneys are prepared to represent you. 

 Quick Facts  
 Types of legal services 

 Our legal services in Greece are designed for a variety of clients.

They are separated in 2 main categories, namely corporate legal services and services for natural persons.

We provide legal counselling, assistance and guidance on different legal issues and legal representation in court proceedings.  

 Legal services for companies  

Legal entities can rely on us for the following:

– drafting and registering incorporation documents;

– obtaining various certificates;

– obtaining business permits and licenses;

– obtaining a tax identification number (TIN);

– tax compliance, the registration of employment contracts, etc.  

 Legal services for individuals 

We can assist individuals with the following legal services in Greece:

– family legislation (marriage, divorce, child custody, alimony, the division of marital property);

 – immigration (visas, work permits, etc., and any others regulated by the Greek Immigration Code);

– tax compliance for individuals living in Greece;

– renting/ buying properties, etc.  

 Assistance in alternative dispute resolution (yes/no)   Yes
 Legal representation in court 

 Our lawyers can represent clients in any legal proceedings that are held in Greek courts.  

 Real estate assistance  

For buying/ renting properties.

Our lawyers can represent clients throughout the entire procedure and can prepare the necessary paperwork.  

 Representation in front of local institutions  

 Clients can rely on us for representation in front of the Independent Authority for Public Eevenue (AADE), the General Comercial Register (GEMI), the Directorate for Companies – working under the Ministry of Development and Investments, the Land Registry, etc. 

 Types of clients we can serve 

 Our legal services in Greece are available for Greek residents and foreigners.

We can serve individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and others. 

 Legal assistance on tax matters 

– tax registration;

– tax compliance;

– tax assistance;

– tax minimization procedures, etc.   

 Intellectual property assistance  

– registration of trademarks and patents;

– registration with the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization;

– registration with the Hellenic Copyright Organization;

– assisting local and foreign clients, individuals and companies;

– legal representation in intellectual property litigation cases.   

 Legal assistance in inheritance/succession cases (yes/no) 


 Cities where our team is available  

 Athens and Thessaloniki

Shipping/maritime legal assistance (yes/no)   


 How to obtain legal representation 

Legal representation can be obtained through the power of attorney.  

How to contact our team   

 – by phone;

– by e-mail;

– using the contact form available on our website;

– in person, at our office in Athens, Greece.  

If you are a foreigner and you want to relocate here or to set up a business, you can easily rely on our English speaking lawyers in Greece. Please mind that we can also represent in you alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or in front of local courts. We invite you to read this article, in order to find out more details on the ways in which we can help you. 

How can our law firm in Greece help foreign clients?

Our foreign clients can benefit from similar services that Greek clients can receive. However, as a foreigner or an expatriate living in Greece, you will most likely need legal services related to certain legal aspects. Our English speaking lawyers in Greece can assist you with the following:

  • legal matters related to real estate – our lawyers can represent you in singing rental contracts or property purchase agreements, but also in litigation cases arising between you and tenants/landlords;
  • legal advice and assistance in business matters – representing foreign clients in setting up a business in Greece, purchasing a company, closing a company and other matters associated with the commercial law;
  • legal representation in front of the Greek courts for a wide range of cases (our international law firm in Greece can represent foreign companies and foreign individuals);
  • legal representation in front of the Greek institutions, such as the Land Register, tax authorities and any other Greek ministries);
  • succession and inheritance matters – our clients can benefit from advice on drawing wills, the steps for becoming the owner of an inheritance, especially when the inheritance is a real estate property and legal advice on aspects concerning the rights of other heirs. 

In what areas of law can our English speaking lawyers in Greece represent you? 

When you will address to our Greek law firm, you can benefit from other types of services than the ones mentioned above. For businesses, our lawyers have the necessary legal expertise in assisting in mergers and acquisitions, in commercial litigation, applications for trademarks and patents, the law concerning companies listed on the stock exchange, the purchase of commercial property, corporate tax law and tax obligations and numerous others. 

If you are interested in property matters, our lawyers can assist you during the purchase of a residential or commercial property. Our team can help you buy land in Greece

Mind that the procedure to acquire property is much simpler for persons who are EU nationals or third party nationals who have obtained their permanent residency in one of the EU member states. 

Individuals can address to our international law firm in Greece for matters related to the family law and any other legal aspect that is regulated by the civil law, as well as on legal representation on the civil rights of an individual, be it a Greek citizen, resident or a foreigner. 

Those who want to work in Greece can receive legal advice on the provisions of the Labor Law and they can also be represented in litigations arising from employment matters. Clients, both corporate and individuals, can address to our law firm in Greecefor advice on debt collection procedures. We can represent clients in international debt collection enforcements.  

What is the data on lawyers in Greece? 

The legal profession in Greece is very well represented. Those who want to become lawyers must complete tertiary studies to be able to work in this industry and, later on, they can become members of the Athens Bar Association. In the list below, you can discover few highlights of this profession: 

  • in March 2015, the Athens Bar Associationaccounted for 21,439 members;
  • however, at a national level, the number of lawyers in Greece reaches approximately 42,500 persons; 
  • the lawyers per capita in Greece stands at 254 (the population in Greece is of more than 10 million persons);
  • the average salary of a lawyer is of EUR 4,740 per month;
  • the lowest is approx. EUR 2,180, while the highest salary is approx. EUR 7,540 per month. 

Our lawyers can represent you in various types of courts, depending on the level of their qualifications. For instance, a lawyer that can represent you in a specific type of court in a certain Greek region can provide his or her legal services at a national level as well, as there aren’t any local restrictions regarding this matter.  

If you need more details on our legal services, please address to our English speaking lawyers in GreeceOur Greek lawyers can help you settle various cases and can offer the most suitable legal approach to your particular situation. For any other information, please send your inquiry to our attorneys.