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Lawyers in Greece

Our team of lawyers in Athens, Greece is qualified to provide legal advice and consultancy services on a wide range of matters, but also to offer legal representation in front of the Greek institutions and Greek courts. You can rely on our team in the case in which you are an individual or a corporate entity. Of course, our services are not only address to foreigners, but also to Greek residents and citizens

 Quick Facts  
Legal services offered by our law firm in Greece

– legal assistance on business matters (company formation, commercial contracts, business litigation, mergers and acqusitions, expansion of a foreign business in Greece, etc),

– private international law,

– legal matters referring to individuals (marriage and divorce, custody, inheritance, etc.), 

– immigration etc. 

Types of clients our team can serve

Our lawyers in Greece can provide their legal services to Greek citizens, residents and businesses, and also to foreign inviduals, investors and companies. 

 Reasons to choose our team  

– top quality legal services,

– tailored legal representation,

– professionalism,

– competitive rates,

– foreign language proficiency

Legal services for company formation in Greece

– selecting a legal entity, generally the Eteria Periorismenis Efthynis (EPE) – limited liability company or the Anonymos Eteria (AE) – corporation,

– tailored services for EU/non-EU investors,

– assistance in expanding a foreign business,

– obtaining a tax number,

– registering for VAT, etc. 

 Legal services for setting up a representative office 

– assistance in applying for a Greek tax registration number,

– legal advice on the applicable law (Law 89/1967),

– obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Development,

– ongoing legal representation throughout the financial year (submitting financial documents and reports with the Greek institutions). 

 Accounting services (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax advice and assistance (yes/no)  Yes 
 Tax registration services 

– applying for a Greek tax number,

– registering for VAT,

– registering for VAT in case of foreign companies selling goods on the internet (after reaching EUR 35,000 in sales per year),

– registering individuals for taxes

 Common legal services for foreigners 

Our lawyers in Greece can help foreigners relocate here by applying for a visa (when necessary).

Business immigration is also a legal service for foreigners. Our team can assist in humanitarian/refugee matters. 

 Assistance in setting up a bank account 

– assistance in obtaining a Greek tax number (Arithmo Forologiko Mitro),

– preparing the documentation for corporate accounts,

– assistance on completing the bank's forms and other paperwork. 

Basic taxes for companies in Greece

– the corporate income tax (22% in general and 29% for credit institutions),

– the Greek tonnage tax,

– the withholding tax on dividends (10%)

Basic taxes for individuals in Greece

– the personal income tax (charged at the following rates: 9%, 22%, 28%, 36%, 44%),

– real estate tax (charged progressively at 15%, 35% and 45%). 

When can a foreigner apply for a residence permit?

For investments, for business, residence permit for financially independent persons, for international protection beneficiaries, for employment, family reunification, study. 

Reasons to invest in Greece

– major, well-reputed international companies have set up their office in Greece,

– important subsidies in certain industries (especially in regions such as Epirus, Central Makedonia, Thrace),

– very good instructure,

– business hubs,

– very good quality of life,

– the Golden Visa program.

 Debt collection services   Our lawyers in Greece can help in contacting debtors, enforcing the legal methods for debt recovery, represent clients in court, address to competent courts and to bailiffs, etc. 
 How we can assist foreign individuals  Foreigners can address our lawyers in Greece if they need legal assistance on immigration matters, in inheritance cases, family-related legal matters (marriage, divorce, division of assets), etc.  

 Legal services on employment 

Our lawyers can help individuals and businesses alike with advice on the immigration law, work visas, the mandatory provisions of an employment contract, in employment disputes (breaches of contracts), payroll matters and others.  

Assistance in purchasing properties  

Foreigners can rely on our lawyers for the following: 

– preparing the sale-purchase contract,

– verifying if the property is sold in good faith,

– due diligence procedures,

– registering the new ownership with the Land Registry.   

 Taxes charged for the purchase of properties  

–  real estate transfer tax (3.09%),

– value added tax (24%), charged only for new buildings (if the VAT applies, the real estate transfer tax is not charged),

– the stamp duty,

– registration fees, notary fees and lawyers’ fees.  

 Legal assistance on inheritance  

 Our lawyers in Greece can help you prepare a will and draw it in accordance with the provisions of the Greek inheritance law.

You can also rely on us for any litigation case arising in inheritance matters. 

When can you ask for a power of attorney? 

The power of attorney is a document that grants the right of legal representation to our lawyers in Greece.

The document can be signed for a single legal action or for multiple situations and this is available for both individuals and companies.  

 Permission to buy land in Greece (yes/no) 


 Conditions for buying land in Greece  

EU citizens can acquire properties and land in Greece following a more direct route compared to non-EU citizens.

Special conditions and/or restrictions can appear based on the region of interest (conditions can be imposed based on the purpose for which the land is used or its location).  

 Legal assistance on maritime procedures 

Our lawyers can assist foreigners with:

– incorporating a legal entity operating in the maritime industry,

– acquire licenses and permits for boats and ships,

– register for taxation and comply with tax procedures applicable in this industry,

– assist individuals buy boats for personal purposes, etc.  

 Legal representation in Greek courts (yes/no)  Yes 
 Intellectual property services  

Our attorneys can offer assistance for trademark registration.   

Cities where you can address our team  

Our clients can find us in Athens and Thessaloniki.   

 Legal assistance in divorce matters  

Individuals can contact us for out-of-court and in-court legal representation.

Our clients can rely on us for preparing the paperwork required for the divorce proceedings, the division of assets, child custody and alimony (where applicable) and in any other matters that can pertain to this branch of law.  

 Accounting services available (yes/no) 


 Tax registration services  

Both corporate and individual clients can rely on us for professional tax registration services.

Our team can help in acquiring a tax identification number, prepare tax reports, submit tax reports and other financial documents, advise in tax minimization formalities and other tax deductions available for foreigners or residents.  

Greece is one of the best-known jurisdictions in Europe not only because of its millenary history, but also because it is one of the most chosen destinations for international migrants and investors to settle. The low cost of living and the ease of setting up a business in this country are just some of the attractions it offers, and our lawyers in Athens, Greece, canassist you in relocating in any of the Greek regions.

Our lawyers in Athens, Greece are qualified to assist foreign companies expanding on the local market by registering a branch office or a subsidiary or by establishing a representative office. Also, our team can participate in the process of mergers and acquisitions (the first, refers to the legal process through which two corporate structures unite under a single entity, and the latter, to the process through which a company purchases another company). 

Our Greek law firm provides legal services of high quality, based on honesty and respect for customers. Our team can offer a tailored solution for any of the legal matters that our clients address to us. Therefore, each client is very important to us and our Greek lawyers respond with promptitude, seriousness, and professionalism to all the customers’ requirements.

Our professional team of lawyers in Athens is able to offer consultancy in Greek business law matters (commercial contracts, debt collection procedures, commercial litigation, and litigation in bankruptcy proceedings), private international law, banking law, labor law, intellectual property law, enforcement, and legal actions in foreclosure proceedings – appeals to execution, foreclosure suspensions, administrative and constitutional law and even in immigration law.

With the advice of our team of Greek lawyers, you will be able to carry out your plans in this country without any problems. But perhaps even more valuable is that you can be sure that you have the proper coverage against unforeseen events and more complex cases involving legal proceedings.

Being in Greece in compliance with all current regulations has a number of advantages regardless of whether you are a worker, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who is enjoying his/her retirement in this jurisdiction, and our team can help you achieve this in the proper way and with the most distinguished Greek lawyers.

Our team of lawyers can also assist you in other legal matters. For instance, if you want to buy a property in Greece, we can represent you during the sale procedures. 

It is important to know that all foreigners can buy a property, but there are 2 main categories or regulations concerning this – for EU nationals, and for third party nationals. EU citizens can purchase properties following the rules of Greek nationals

How can our Greek attorney help in immigration matters?

The best law firms in Greece are able to represent foreign clients in matters that are regulated by the international law, but also by the Greek law pertaining to legal aspects that can be of interest for foreigners. Here, we mention the immigration law, which prescribes the legal pathways through which foreigners can relocate in Greece for a limited amount of time or for an indefinite basis. 

The immigration law prescribes the reasons for which a foreigner can arrive here, but also the quality of the foreigner (a citizen of a country, a permanent residence, an asylum seeker, etc.). If you want to relocate here for the purpose of starting a local business, or if you want to become a resident by working in Greece or by reuniting with family members who are currently living in Greeceour Greek attorney can help you. 

If you do not speak Greek (and this is the case of most foreigners), you can easily address to our team, as all our attorneys are qualified to provide their legal services to foreign clients. Our team has the ability to communicate with foreign clients in numerous international languages and the level of communication is always one of quality. 

In immigration matters, our team is ready to assist foreigners to relocate here on short-term basis or long-term basis and can help you in obtaining a visa (where applicable), a residence permit (necessary for stays in Greece that are longer than 90 days), a permanent residence permit and can even assist you in the process of becoming a Greek citizen

Legal assistance for opening a company in Greece

Interested in opening a company in Greece? Ask our Greek solicitors for support; they will provide guidance and counseling for every step required by the law for opening a company. A company may take different forms in Greece, for example, a company limited by shares (Anonymos Eteria, AE), limited liability company (Eteria Periorismenis Efthynis, EPE), general partnership (Omorythmos Eteria, OE); limited partnership (Eterorythmos Eteria, EE) and sole proprietorship (Athomihi Epihirisi). In this matter, Greek law firms can help you decide which is the most suitable business form your company should have. 

Our law firm in Greece will provide full services, step-by-step, starting with the filing of documents with the Trade Register and finalizing with the registration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. International investors make the decision to open a company in Greece for many reasons, but one of the general reasons why people come to this country to set up companies is related to the corporate advantages they can obtain. 

The different types of legal structures provide a level of versatility that attracts many foreign investors to the idea of opening a Greek company. These are some of the main reasons why more and more entrepreneurs are interested in opening businesses in this Mediterranean country:

  1.  protect the divisions of your business: a good way to use a company is to separate the responsibilities of each of the divisions of your main company – this is a good plan to cover yourself against any inconvenience and not to compromise your whole structure;
  2.  it is a cheap way to enter Europe: the prices and costs of operating a business in Greece are lower than in most EU countries – this is one of the most popular reasons to open a Greek company;
  3.  access to new markets: opening a company in Greece allows you to take advantage of the benefits of doing business within the EU – it is an ideal export platform;
  4.  tax optimization: the creation of companies in Greece allows in many cases to obtain greater tax benefits, especially in terms of tax payments.

Contrary to what one may believe, establishing a company in Greece is not something reserved only for economically powerful companies. Small and medium-sized companies are even most common in this country and they can also benefit from having such a platform for exporting goods and services as this country offers. Opening a company in Greece is within the reach of many entrepreneurs.

But even though these types of companies have so many advantages and are within the reach of many entrepreneurs, it does not mean that the process of opening a business in Greece is a simple one. At the very least, you will need to have a thorough understanding of the procedures necessary to successfully go through the process. That’s why it’s advisable to get help from lawyers in Athens, Greece.

If you are trying to better understand the company formation process in Greece, one of the proper options you have is to contact experts. Many times the language barrier makes it difficult for foreign entrepreneurs to fully understand how the whole process to start operating in Greece works. Our team of lawyers in Greece can help you in setting up a company here, and can assist you in any of the matters related to the registration of a business. 

Our team of lawyers in Chania is also prepared to help those who need tax assistance and accounting services. Litigation cases can also be resolved with the help our Greek lawyers, and you can rely on us on debt recovery procedures. 

Company liquidation options in Grecee

Opening a company in Greece is a simple procedure compared to closing one. There is no doubt that the process of liquidating a Greek company requires you to have the experience and expertise of Greek solicitors who are experts in the field. This is the proper way to ensure that you are complying with the intricate regulations for this type of procedure.

When you want to liquidate a company, our lawyers in Greece will help you by offering the most suitable options in accordance with local laws. Our lawyers’ experience and knowledge in this field recommend us to be the proper solution when you need legal advice and counseling in this field.

As you may know, according to the Greek Civil Code regulations, the law on modernization and development, and the law on taxation, a company has to follow two steps before ceasing to exist: the dissolution and the liquidation. You can review the specifics of the liquidation procedure in GreeceOur lawyers in Greece have a high level of experience assisting foreign investors in these types of proceedings and can help you at any stage of the liquidation of a company.

Debt collection legal help

Perhaps the cases in which you will need the help of a team of Greek lawyers the most is when you are faced with a debt collection case. This type of procedure is, unfortunately, more common than you might think, so having the right help is crucial to recovering your money if you find yourself in this situation.

Almost every entrepreneur has had to do with overdue payments or even outstanding invoices, especially during the critical economic period in Greece. By cooperating with well-skilled accountants, our Greek solicitors are able to help you surpass these inconvenient situations. We offer our Greek lawyers’services from the beginning of a debt collection procedure, which usually consists of informing the debtor about the outstanding amount, until the completion of the procedure which usually involves court hearings. Want to know more about debt collection in Greece? Please contact our team. 

Legal help regarding taxes in Greece

One of the most complex things about doing business in Greece is dealing with the country’s tax system, which is not exactly straightforward and often requires some command of the local language. Our team of lawyers in Athens, Greece, can help you with tax planning and optimization issues in Greece.

When your company is eligible for double taxation exemption in Greeceask our law firm for appropriate support. Our lawyers in Greece work according to the provisions of the treaties signed with other countries and regulated by the Greek Minister of Finance through the Tax-Refund system. In the first instance, you will need a proving certificate stating that you already pay taxes in your origin country.

For the rest of the procedure, let our Greek solicitors work for you to guarantee success and optimal conditions. The avoidance of double taxation in Greece is a complex issue that we recommend reviewing at all times with a qualified Greek lawyer.

Can our lawyers in Athens, Greece, help in marriage/divorce matters?

Our team of lawyers is also ready to assist both local and foreign citizens in matters concerning marriage and divorce. Our team can help you better understand the procedures that can take place when the marriage is concluded between persons of different nationalities (a Greek national and a foreigner relocated here). 

Please mind that, at the moment, the marriage between persons of same-sex is not allowed under the applicable law. Civil partnerships of persons of same-sex are also not recognized, but the law does recognize civil partnership of opposite-sex persons. If you address to law firms in Greece, you will be able to find out more on the types of marriages that are recognized here, and also the rights and obligations that appear after the marriage. 

It is necessary to know that the infringement of the marital obligations can lead to divorce, if one of the spouses considers that the procedure has to be started. The best lawyers in Greece can help individuals in the divorce procedure and represent their interests based on the particularities of the case (here, the law distinguishes between divorces where both parties agree with the procedure, or divorces that are initiated due to the wish of a party and as a consequence of inappropriate behaviors of the other party). 

Where a divorce occurs, our Greek attorney must obtain as many details as possible regarding the current situation of the spouses, the reasons that have led to the dissolution of the marriage, evidence regarding the issue, information on the assets of the parties, if there are any children involved and numerous others. 

Considering that a divorce can be a complicated procedure, especially in the situations where the former spouses do no seem to reach an agreement, it is recommend to hire the best lawyers in Greece who have an in-depth experience in the family law proceedings. 

You can always contact our team of lawyers in Athens, Greece, if you want to start this procedure. We can represent clients even in the case in which the couple is comprised of two individuals of different nationalities. Our approach is to provide the best solution to our clients, with the necessary care for the situation of our clients. 

Where children are involved, our Greek attorneywill try to handle the case with as much care as possible, so that the children will not feel the effect of this troubling time. If the participation of the children in a meeting with the lawyers will be necessary, please rest assured that our team of Greek lawyers will use their experience gained over the years in order to make the meeting as friendly as possible. 

Economic aspects of the Greek market  

From matters related to the life and activity of a company (corporate governance, commercial law, tax advice for companies, audit and accounting services, tax returns, employment matters, contract law, etc.) to matters that are more related to the daily life of a person (marriage, divorce, inheritance, drawing wills, signing the power of attorney), our lawyers in Chania are qualified to provide top legal services

If you want to set up a business in Greece, as a foreign investor, you will be interested in finding out the current situation of the economy, so that you can analyze and understand what your future financial prospects can be when investing in this country. For this purpose, we present the following: 

  • Greece is in the midst of an economic recovery – the European Commission expects the Greek economy to grow by 3.8% in 2021 and 5% in 2022;
  • the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita reaches $28,486;
  • the country has a highly developed service sector that contributes with approximately 68% to Greece’s GDP;
  • companies are charged with the corporate tax – the current corporate tax rate is 24%.

Our law firm in Greecemay also offer you advice, consultancy, action, and representation for tax advice and other matters related to corporate tax compliance, payroll services, and VAT registration. You can also address to us if you need information on immigration for business purposes.