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Payroll in Greece

Payroll in Greece

Payroll in Greece refers to the types of taxes that are paid for the employment of local and foreign workers. Each country has its own tax system and in Greece, the income of employees is taxed based on a progressive system. 

Companies that want to hire employees in Greece will have to complete payroll procedures, in accordance with the applicable legislation. 

For this, our team of Greek lawyers remains at your service and you can rely on our law firm for professional advice on tax compliance and information on any other tax regulation referring to human resources. 

Basic payroll information regarding Greece 

Besides the matters presented above, payroll also refers to the calculation of an employee’s salary based on the free days, paid or unpaid leave, bonuses and any other factors that can influence the value of the salary. 

Also, it is important to know that the salary of a Greek employee has to be paid on a monthly basis. This is why the Greek payroll service has to be completed throughout the month. 

Some highlights of payroll in Greece are presented in the list below: 

  • the minimum wage in Greece is of EUR 758.33;
  • the payroll reports of a company have to be maintained for a period of 10 years;
  • mothers benefit from 17 weeks of paid maternity leave;
  • fathers are also entitled to 14 days of paid paternity leave;
  • the 13th salary can be provided to the employees in the private sector. 

Greek payroll service 

There are several types of services that can be requested by companies interested to outsource their payroll to persons specialized in this field. 

The purpose of payroll services is to ensure that the procedures are compliant with the tax law applicable in Greece, as well as to make sure that the salaries are calculated in an accurate manner. 

Our law firm in Greececan help you in this sense, by providing the following: 

  1. compliance with the Greek labor and employment tax laws;
  2. calculate accurately the withholding taxes charged on the salaries of the employees;
  3. making sure that the employees are paid according to the dates established in their employment contracts;
  4. calculating the taxes due and the value of the salary based on the value established in the contract, working hours, paid leave, compensations, holidays, sick leave or the termination of contract and the allowances offered to the employee. 

Matters related to employment and social benefits are handled by the National Social Security Fund. The institution handles numerous aspects regulated by the employment law, such as: 

  1. sickness; 
  2. maternity; 
  3. pensions; 
  4. unemployment;
  5. health contributions. 

The National Social Security Fund is also in charge with the issuance of coverage certificates for Greeks who want to work abroad. 

Depending on the country of choice, the Greek national may be required to apply for a visa and a work permit suitable for the purpose of employment. 

If you want to relocate for work purpose to another country, our team of Greek lawyers can provide in-depth assistance on the procedures you have to follow. 

Please mind that the Greek payroll service can be established as a part of the company that hires the employee, or it can be outsourced. The 2 scenarios are allowed under the Greek law

The decision should be based on the needs of the company. Thus, a small company with few employees will handle payroll matters internally by hiring a specialist in human resources. 

For large corporations, with hundreds of employees, it is always recommended to outsource human resources and payroll services, due to the complexity of the procedures that have to be completed for so many persons. 

If you need more information on the payroll in Greece, please contact our Greek law firm.  

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