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Buy Land in Greece

Buy Land in Greece

If you want to buy land in Greece, it is important to know that this procedure is available for foreigners. 

Greece is a member state of the European Union (EU), which means that EU citizens benefit from the same rights as Greek citizens, but each EU state can impose its limitations on this matter. 

For instance, differences can appear when referring to purchase a property or buying land, which are 2 different things. 

Fortunately, one can buy land in Greece as a foreigner, but for this, it is always recommended to address to a Greek law firm, as there are numerous procedures to consider. 

What are the most important matters to consider when buying land in Greece?

The purchase procedure is comprised of numerous matters that should be verified by a person who has a certain level of knowledge in the field. 

For instance, when buying land in Greece or any other property, it is 100% necessary to complete the due diligence procedures, to see whether the property matches the description presented in the sale-purchase contact. 

The acquisition of land must comply with certain legal requirements and various obligations can also appear based on the purpose for which the land will be used. 

For instance, if you plan to buy land in Greece or buy land in Crete or other Greek regions, you should first verify the main legal conditions that can be imposed at a regional level. 

Such conditions are influenced by the purpose of the purchased plot. If you want to buy it for the purpose or building your own property, you will need various building permits, amongst many others. 

Our law firm can also help you buy a house in Greece. There are many properties available for sale, and this can be of interest for foreigners who do not want to go through the entire land acquisition process and then to build a real estate property on it. 

Legal assistance can be offered for the purchase of a property designed for commercial purposes (small properties are available at a price of EUR 80,000). 

The assistance of our team of Greek lawyerswill become mandatory, as there are many aspects you must consider, including the fact that you will need approvals from the municipality and the services of local contractors. 

Important rules will apply based on where the plot is located. For instance, those located outside the usual planning zones must exclude specific categories of territories. 

For the above, the following apply: 1) the plot can’t be in a place that is considered a forest, 2) it can’t be in a conservation area, 3) it can’t be in a region of archaeological interest and 4) it can’t be in the seashore line. 

What is the price of land plots in Greece? 

The price of land varies based on the region where the land plot is and the size of the plot

If you want to buy land in Crete or other Greek regionsour law firm in Greeceremains at your service for advice on the paperwork necessary. 

Also, if you need a price estimate for a region, our Greek lawyers can help you, and you can also receive assistance on finding the most suitable location for your needs. 

Currently, if you want to buy land in Greece, you can expect to pay the following prices: 

  • land plot in Sithonia can be sold with EUR 35,000 – EUR 300,000 (for properties of approximately 1,000 square meters to 3,000 square meters);
  • in Nafplion, land plots are sold with EUR 140,000 – EUR 260,000;
  • large land plots can be estimated at EUR 1,800,000 in the region of Kalamata (land plot with a surface of 30,000 square meters);
  • in the region of Alexandroupoli, one can find lower prices, of EUR 20,000 – EUR 65,000 (surfaces ranging from 1,100 square meters to 6,500 square meters);
  • for those who want to buy land in Crete, prices can range from EUR 25,000 to EUR 900,000 (surfaces of approx. 300 square meters to more than 8,000 square meters). 

Please mind that for new constructions you will need to pay a fee, charged by the Technical Chamber of Greece, this being among some of the compulsory construction taxes. 

If you need further information on buying a land plot, or if you want to receive legal representation in this process, we invite you to contact our Greek law firm.