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Shipping Lawyers in Greece

Shipping Lawyers in Greece

Our shipping lawyers in Greece are specialized in providing legal services for the shipping industry (shipping law, contracts, company incorporation, tax advice, registration of international shipping companiesvessel registration, etc.).

Shipping law covers all legal matters that can appear in this field of activity and our team has the necessary legal expertise in dealing with any legal case. 

This legal sector is very well developed in Greece, considering that the country is a peninsular state and it also has hundreds of islands. Shipping law also includes legal matters that can arise in international matters. 

Therefore, if you activate in this industry or you are interested in a particular legal matter, you can rely on our team of Greek lawyers, who can offer legal representation.  

What does shipping law regulates in Greece? 

The shipping law contains many areas of law. Our law firm in Greece can provide legal advice and representation in any of the following: 

  • company registration for local and international companies operating in the shipping industry;
  • legal procedures for the purchase of ships in Greece and international purchases;
  • the registration of ships of the Greek territory;
  • tax and financial services;
  • legal assistance in negotiation with shipyards operating in other states;
  • ship repair and ship arrest legal procedures, formalities, etc. 

Of course, our shipping lawyers in Greece can offer legal representation in any type of dispute arising in the industry and can represent clients in litigation cases as well. 

These are just some of the main ways in which our Greek law firm can help local and foreign clients. For more details on other legal services, you can address us via e-mail or by phone. 

What is the size of the shipping industry in Greece? 

Greece is one of the leading industries when it comes to the shipping sector, given its geographical position. It ranks amongst the top global countries both in shipping management and the value of the market. 

Below, our shipping lawyers in Greece have prepared a short presentation on the Greek shipping sector

  • it ranks as the 1st global economy on the number of vessels, having more than 4,000 vessels (the 2nd and the 3rd countries are Japan and China, with more than 3,000 vessels each);
  • Greece is also the 1st global jurisdiction when we refer to the number of oil tankers owned (it owns 32.64% of the global oil tankers);
  • according to the Union of Greek Shipowners, 64% of the entire Greek-owned fleet is comprised of oil tankers;
  • at an EU level, Greece is the 2nd nation, after Malta, on the number of merchant fleets (measured in deadweight tonnes);
  • the industry hires 192,000 persons (or 4% of the entire Greek workforce). 

What is the shipping law in Greece? 

There are many regulations which are applied at a national level for various matters. There are laws regulating salvage procedures, wrech removal, pollution made by the shipping industry, etc. 

Our shipping lawyers in Greece can present the legislation in the field. Greece applies the Greek Private Maritime Law Code and it has also ratified the 1910 Brusells Collision Convention. 

With regards to pollution, there are many regulations to follow, which derive from laws such as: 

  1. the 2001 International Convention of Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage;
  2. the 1972 London Dumping Convention; 
  3. the 2003 Supplementary Fund Control; 
  4. the Presidential Decree 55/1998 (on the protection of the maritime enviroment). 

Additional regulations concenring the protection of the environment apply, and our shipping lawyers in Greece can provide further information. 

We invite you to contact our Greek law firm if you need assistance on the law regulting this sector. Our team of lawyers in Greece can provide legal assistance in all the steps concenring the incorporation of a shipping company