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Commercial Lawyers in Greece

Commercial Lawyers in Greece

Our commercial lawyers in Greece are specialized in legal services pertaining to the commercial law. This means that our team can assist in any legal matter concerning businesses, from the incorporation of company to its dissolution.

We invite you to find out more on the ways in which our Greek law firm can help you, as an investor/business owner, and your company (you can rely on us for tax assistance, but also on reporting and accounting services).

Legal assistance for commercial contracts in Greece

One of the many ways in which we can help local and foreign clients refers to the enforcement of commercial contracts. They represent very important instruments for businesses, whether they are signed on a business-to-business basis or a business-to-client basis.

Any commercial contract must respect the applicable legislation in the field and contain a set of provisions that are mandatory, such as the signatory parties, the object of the contract, the terms, the deadlines, the penalties when breaching any provision, etc.

Thus, when drawing a commercial contract it is always necessary to benefit from the services of commercial lawyers in Greece. Our team of Greek lawyers can assist in the following:

  1. review commercial contracts that have already been signed;
  2. drafting new contracts on behalf of our client;
  3. negotiate new contracts or the provisions/terms of the contracts on behalf of the client.

You can rely on our corporate lawyers in Greece for legal assistance concerning the rules and regulations applicable to franchising agreements, or in intellectual property matters. Oftentimes, many of these contracts can end up in complicated commercial disputes and our team can offer legal representation.

How can our Greek law firm assist in commercial disputes?

Commercial disputes can arise when a party breaches a provision of a contract. In most cases, there aren’t any legal actions to be taken, because the party that was breaching a term will correct the respective issue (such as late payments).

However, many of these cases can’t be solved in an amicable way, and therefore the assistance of commercial lawyers in Greece may be required. Our law firm in Greece is specialized in commercial litigation and various types of disputes that can arise, such as:

  1. franchising disputes;
  2. partnership disputes;
  3. shareholders disputes.

New law on international commercial arbitration in Greece

Our clients should know that our commercial lawyers in Greece can also assist in cases pertaining to the international commercial arbitration procedures. Recently, Greece has modernized its law concerning international arbitration, and the main highlights can be observed below:

  • the legislation that has been used for more than 20 years, the Law 2735/1999, has been repealed by the new law;
  • currently, international arbitration is done as per the rules of the Law 5016/2023;
  • the 2023 legislation includes the amendments of 2006 of the UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) model;
  • Article 10 stipulates that an arbitration agreement has to be made in writing, but the term “agreement” can take many flexible options, in accordance with the international trends on the matter;
  • Article 9.2 of the new law states that the Three-Member Court of Appeals can rule on any type of arbitral award that was issued in Greece.

If you need legal representation when dealing with any type of commercial contract, our corporate lawyers in Greece are here to help you. Of course, you can rely on our law firm for many other types of services, such as immigration for business purposes (visas and residence permits).

Our law firm in Greece can help foreign businessmen in setting up a business and rent or purchase a property for commercial purposes (we can represent you throughout the entire process and draw and sign the required contracts).