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Trademark Registration in Greece

Trademark Registration in Greece

The procedure for trademark registration in Greece is done following the European rules and regulations. Our team of Greek lawyers can represent you in this process and can inform you about the documents you have to prepare. 

Our team can present the classes of trademarks available for registration, information about the fees, the procedure and opposition period and any other matter that can be of interest for those who want to register a trademark in Greece

What is the process for trademark registration in Greece? 

First, it is advisable to address to our team of Greek lawyers to see whether your trademark falls under the definition of a trademark in Greece and, thus, that it can be registered in this country. 

If the trademark is suitable for registration, then you must know that the procedure will be handled by the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI), and more exactly, by the Trademark Registry operating under this institution. 

The Greek institution provides an online registration procedure, and the file should contain the following:

  1. the trademark application form, which is available online on the OBI platform;
  2. the evidence of paying the registration fee (the total value will vary based on the number of classes selected by the applicant);
  3. for corporate applicants, the company’s incorporation documents and certificates must be submitted;
  4. the power of attorney, provided that the client is represented by a third party in this procedure, such as our team of lawyers in Greece

According to the law, a trademark can be protected on the Greek territory as long as the holder of the trademark takes the necessary steps for registration, in order to benefit from the rights deriving from this procedure. 

However, in the case of trademarks that have been registered at the level of the European Union (EU), the holders of such trademarks will not have to take additional steps, as the sign will be protected in Greece as well. 

This is given by the fact that Greece is an EU member state; please mind that the procedure for trademark registration in Greece does not automatically oblige the trademark holder to use the trademark for its intended purpose.  

However, this can be done only for a limited period of time, after which the cancellation of the trademark will be initiated by the local authorities. 

Important matters to know about trademark registration in Greece

In the list below, our team of Greek lawyershave prepared a short presentation concerning few relevant matters that should be of interest for any person who wants to start the procedure for trademark registration in Greece

  • trademark in Greece has a validity of 10 years after its registration date; 
  • it is allowed to renew the protection of the trademark for an additional period of 10 years;
  • the trademark holder is entitled to simply register the sign and not use it at all for a period of maximum 5 years;
  • persons who choose the trademark registration in Greece via paper filing must pay a fee of EUR 120, while the electronic filing costs EUR 100; 
  • for each additional class selected for the trademark, the applicant must pay a fee of EUR 20;

It is also possible to register a collective trademark, and the registration fee for this is of EUR 500 (electronic application) or EUR 600 (paper application). When selecting an additional class for the collective trademark, the applicant must pay EUR 100/class. 

collective trademark defines a trademark that belongs to a large entity, such as an association or organization, which is used by its members.  Our lawyers in Greece can present more details as to what a collective trademark can be. 

If you need further information on trademark in Greece, we invite you to contact our Greek law firm, where you can receive the necessary legal support regarding this subject.